Senior PHP Backend Developer

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Senior PHP Backend Developer

Job description

How our development runs

We work on the principle of scrum – on a weekly basis we groom tasks, do a review of the previous sprint, plan the next steps, and do retrospective analyses.

We develop our own product, so you will never jump from one project to a completely unrelated one here. We always consider the future, so we take long-term sustainability into account. We try to minimize technical debt so the SOLID and DRY principles are our friends.

We started as a lean startup, so we aren’t going to sugarcoat our design and say that each line of code is exactly according to our current ideas. Sometimes, you may come across a bit of legacy code, and when we decide that it’s necessary to make fundamental changes, we always prefer refactoring and occasionally rewriting a feature.

For new modules, however, we try to do our refactoring as soon as we develop something that requires it – usually a new client request or knowledge we gained during our event storming sessions (and thanks to the application Miro, it’s also remote!).

What you will find at Spaceflow

  • mentoring from our senior developers or consultants in the fields of DDD, CQRS, and Event Sourcing
  • mentoring to our junior developers
  • collaboration to develop new features
  • analysis and development of functions in order to fulfill Spaceflow’s goals and the requirements from our clients
  • product feedback and recommendations
  • no HTML / CSS templates

What else can you get from us besides PHP? We have several
modules running on Node.js / TypeScript, while in others we
use Firebase or Vue.js on the front end. We have room for
testing new technologies and providing further development,
both from our experienced team and through a budget for

What we do at Spaceflow

Spaceflow increases comfort in buildings by connecting
owners, tenants, visitors, and service providers through a
community platform – a mobile application. Various activities,
sharing, local services, and connections with other people are
all features that we create. Spaceflow also serves as a platform
for IoT and other smart building integrations. Find out more
about our mission at Techcrunch.

Job requirements

What you should already know
and what technologies we use

  • Our REST API uses Symfony 4.3 and 5.1, Doctrine, PHP
    7.3 and 7.4, MySQL, ElasticSearch, and RabbitMQ – we
    don’t need you to recite 20 lines of DQL from memory, but
    we do need you to have an in-depth understanding of the
    concepts behind these technologies.
  • We use Gitlab for code versioning, where CI – unit tests,
    integration tests, ECS, or PHPStan also run. Thanks to
    this, we are not afraid to change and constantly improve
    the current code according to new requirements.
  • Our infrastructure is, of course, in Docker. It is currently
    running on Google Cloud, but moving to orchestration
    using Kubernetes.
  • You should be able to read the technical documentation
    and write on Slack in English.

Where we start and why you want
to work with us

  • We are very focused on the backend – we are creating a
    giant API platform with a lot of integration, which will be an increasingly important player in connecting social events
    and IoT in buildings around the world. #nextbigthing
  • We write our code so that libraries, databases, and third-party implementations are just implementation details for
    it. #solid
  • We implement new services in a clean repository as
    separate modules in which the business language
    rules. #domaindrivendesign
  • You can only talk to our new model from the outside
    through commands, events, and queries. #cqrs
  • We store domain entities as event streams, from which we
    then create a read projection model. #eventsourcing
  • We automatically generate from our tests human-readable
    documentation of stories and scenarios for the backend


  • Flexible working hours and home office schedules
  • 25 days of paid leave
  • Offices in Forum Karlín with a large rooftop terrace and a great city view
  • 300 EUR credit for personal growth (courses, books, etc.)
  • Free coffee, drinks, and fresh fruit every day, and a weekly team breakfast
  • International adventure meetups open to the whole Spaceflow team
  • On-site arcade games, ping-pong, and gym for free
  • Multisport card
  • A great recognition, appreciation, and rewards program!

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