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Company Overview:

Our Purpose

To make a more open land market to empower the next generation of property developers to build the homes (& places) we need for an ever growing and diverse population

“Like all great tech companies, we started with a problem.

Andrew (an east-London, quasi-hipster software engineer) wanted to build a house. And I (Jonny, a Geordie, ex-town planner turned software developer) knew the pain of the property industry systems he’d need to use to build that house.

We both knew that fixing those systems – making it easier to access that data – would help a whole load of people.

And thus LandTech was born – an ecosystem helping to make the entire house building process more efficient.

We started with LandInsight, the hugely successful (and multi-award-winning) site-sourcing platform. Then we added LandEnhance to help get planning permission, and LandFund to help secure funding.

But, not content to just be the fastest-growing PropTech company in the UK, we’re now heading international. Because all those problems we’re fixing aren’t just UK problems – they’re worldwide.

We’re helping to build more houses. Better houses. Plus the roads, schools, hospitals, and gyms to go with them.

Help us make that happen” – CEO/Co-Founder, Jonny Britton

Some achievements & awards so far:

  • Top 10 SaaS Companies to work for – Sales Confidence, 2018 & 2019
  • Excellence in People Development – PropTech, 2018
  • Fastest-growing Business – PropTech, 2018

Engineering At Landtech

We’re a diverse group of engineers working in an open, collaborative and cross-functional environment, to help understand the difficult challenges within the land and property systems. We empower teams and individuals to solve, build, deliver and operate high quality technical solutions to help our customers, and we’re proud of our work!

We are guided by our Engineering Values (Confidence, Creativity, Collaboration and Excellence) and Engineering Principles. We champion a culture of ‘continuous learning/improvement’ and ‘respect for people’.

Our tech is always evolving and best defined by our Tech Radar. As a summary here’s some of our more commonly used tech:

  • TypeScript, Node.js, Vue.js, Python, Linux, Docker, Shell Script
  • AWS – Lambda, EC2, Event Bridge, SQS, CloudWatch, KMS
  • Kubernetes – Kops, ELK, Grafana, Prometheus, Istio
  • Data stores – S3, Mongo, Postgres/PostGIS (RDS/Aurora), ElasticSearch, DynamoDb
  • Continuous Integration + Continuous Deployment via CircleCI and Kubernetes. We deploy on average ~500 times a month

About You

You care about the impact your work has to customers and believe that successful software comes from close collaboration; with customers and the people you work with. You flourish in an Agile, autonomous, cross-functional environment.

  • You design solutions that are simple for any developer to pick up, understand and build upon. You maximise the work not done, leveraging tools and libraries to deliver faster.
  • You write test-driven, clean code and have a good understanding of programming paradigms (such as object orientated and functional), concepts and principles.
  • You have a grounded understanding of algorithms, data structures and design patterns knowing when (and when not) to use them.

You have experience in:

  • Working in an Agile, automated, continuous integration + continuous deployment environment
  • Cloud-based services and architecture (we use AWS and a hybrid mix of Kubernetes, Serverless and Managed Service), applying infra-as-code
  • Supporting, mentoring and guiding engineers
  • We primarily work in TypeScipt/Node/JavaScript. We don’t see that as a requirement, but if you have experience in them it would be beneficial
  • LIke to know that they understand CI/CD, care about the fast pace

About the Role

You will be working in a cross functional product development team, reporting to the Head Of Engineering.

  • You’ll play a central role in developing our products and re-designing our platform for scale from a single region to multiple regions over the next 12 months
  • You’ll help grow the team and mature our engineering culture, improving our craft and capacity to deliver

You’ll be accountable for:

  • Direction – alongside the Product Manager, helping set the technical and product direction for the team.
  • Leadership – providing technical leadership and expertise to guide and enhance those around you.
  • Growth – supporting, mentoring and pairing with other engineers so that they may learn from your direction and experiences.
  • Collaboration – encouraging cross-functional collaboration, helping clarify, elaborate and iterate technical concepts to assist in delivering our strategy.

Your team will have shared accountability for:

  • Designing, building and operating high quality software… You build it, you run it.
  • Empathising with users and colleagues to understand the problems they face
  • Understanding, importing and connecting datasets as part of our product… fast, automated, repeatedly.
  • Building systems for storing and accessing our data, moving it to where it needs to be, easily.

What makes you a LandTech’er?

  • Open – We are honest, collaborative and trusting, rooted in humility and a respect for creativity, sensitivity and differences 
  • Empower – We actively enable personal and professional growth by providing opportunity, autonomy and support
  • Home – We are welcoming, inclusive and nurturing, believing work is a place where people can feel comfortable, cared for and happy

And we live them everyday

Don’t just let us tell you, let us show you…Click Here

Do you share our values? Then join our journey.

“You don’t have to be serious to do something seriously great” – CEO/Co-Founder,Jonny Britton

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