What is Proptee?

Proptee is a new investment platform in the UK, focused on making property investing as easy and accessible as investing in stocks, rather than trying to catch you out with high mortgage payments and lengthy application processes.

We’re building a stock exchange for properties that lives on your smartphone and combines the low risk of property investing with the high liquidity of a stock exchange.

Rental properties will be placed on the exchange, and shares could be bought and sold instantly from only £1.

Even better, as these are rental properties, rental income goes back to you directly every month.

When can I try it?

Sign up to our waiting list, and we’ll send you short updates on our progress. Currently, we’re building our iOS application with the backend of the entire system and going to start testing with a handful of users in the next couple of months.


How are you different from mortgage providers?

Investing in Proptee is fundamentally different from the traditional way of getting a mortgage, finding tenants, and doing all the chores yourself.

Every property is built up from shares, just like companies. This makes it easy to trade them like stocks on the London Stock Exchange.

Furthermore, our entire experience is designed around your smartphone. You don’t need to go to a bank anymore and wait 6 months to get a mortgage. Just start investing from the comfort of your bed in a matter of seconds and earn rental income as soon as you buy your first share.

Traditionally, people worry about the time and effort of exiting an investment property. On Proptee, this worry disappears as the number of potential buyers is much higher than in the conventional model.


How can I find out more?

Leave a comment below, and we would be happy to answer any questions. Please also follow and message us on twitter at @PropteeApp.

Proptee — It’s time to make property investment free and accessible.

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